Barrier coating

The Importance of Barrier Coatings in Packaging Protection

The quality of packaging and its contents can be significantly compromised by both internal and external factors. Substances like fat, oil, and moisture can damage the substrate and affect the printing inks. Barrier coatings provide a protective seal on the surface of the substrate, safeguarding the packaging from external influences.

Versatility of Barrier Coatings in Packaging

These barrier coatings are effective in protecting various types of packaging. Barrier coatings can shield the inner surfaces of fast-food packaging from fat, oil, and liquids, safeguard labels on alcoholic drinks from water and alcohol, keep drinking cups resistant to water, protect cake trays from fat, oil, and water. Barrier coatings can even safeguard the outer surfaces of frozen food packaging from water.

By using barrier coatings packaging can remain intact and fully functional, even when exposed to challenging environmental conditions barrier coatings ensure that the packaging remains stable even in high moisture environments.

Water-based barrier coatings not only protect the printing ink from abrasion but also ensure smooth conversion processes. Additionally, heat-resistant barrier coatings offer even greater protection. These types of barrier coatings safeguard printed products in processes involving high heat levels such as soft cheese packaging. Without the heat-resistant barrier coating, the ink could smear, damaging the packaging and contaminating the sealing tool.

Furthermore, heat can also affect ready and filled packaging. Food packaging designed for oven use, like menu trays, is becoming increasingly popular. Heat-resistant barrier coatings are formulated to withstand high temperatures without releasing volatile materials or emitting odors. These barrier coatings also ensures that the preparation and consumption of food are not negatively affected.

Overcoming Environmental Challenges in Packaging

At Resino Inks, we experience that the packaging industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. Several customers find it challenging to meet the demands regarding packaging and barrier coating solutions that meet high demands such as minimizing the plastic consumption combined with great end use performance. 

Our most noble task is to meet high demands from customers by constantly focusing on developing sustainable printing ink solutions and barrier coatings with lower environmental impact and that are more sustainable throughout their lifecycle.

We offer a range of protective barrier coatings and inks for different food categories.

We integrate paper/cardboard packaging in our product development, and we have found solutions to protect food packaging and its content when switching from plastic to paper and board. However, plastic offers protective features that are not present in paper and board packaging, such as acting as a barrier, prolonging the shelf-life of food, and allowing printing on the outside safely. Therefore, Resino has developed varnishes which function as barrier coatings, based on acrylic binders as well as natural materials, which can replace the plastic coating and provide protective functions. These barrier coating varnishes protect the packaging from being attacked by moisture, grease, or other components from the food content and protect the food content from components in the paper or migration of components from the outside barrier coating or print. Barrier coatings can also be compostable, thus avoiding issues regarding waste that is not biodegradable.

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