Water-Based, SUPD Compliant & Compostable REVALUX® 164 varnish series

In close collaboration with customers, Resino focuses on developing custom-made varnishes with an emphasis on achieving top-quality and performance while promoting improved solutions in the printing ink industry. Within Resino’s range of functional varnishes, REVALUX® 164 stands out as a natural varnish suitable for direct food contact. Thanks to its versatility, it is the preferred choice for industries involved in food packaging.

Alkali-resistant ink

Resino has developed two-component water-based ink that can resist alkaline detergents, hot water, and a multitude of chemicals, while the print retains its colors.

UV LED is greener, cheaper & better

UV LED and RESUCAT 210-29 uv ink series provide excellent advantages for printers, as LED is better for people and the environment, cost effective and produces low odor print as well as a number of other benefits.

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