Enhancing Production Stability and Speed with Antistatic UV Varnish: RESURAD 230 Antistatic Clear 0120-12

In the tags and labels industry operators often struggle with unforeseen complications when the application of antistatic varnish is overlooked.

Does this also happen to you?

This video showcases the tags’ problematic reactions when antistatic varnish is not applied.
The footage underscores the real-time challenges faced by operators during production, highlighting the need for an effective solution.

Acceleration of production process, minimizing blocking tendency

The ‘after’ sequence demonstrates the positive impact of applying our RESURAD 230 Antistatic Clear 0120-12 varnish on tags, showcasing a seamlessly smooth production process but also the reduction of blocking tendency of materials, effectively minimizing static electricity charges and highly proving effectiveness in scenarios where materials are cut into pieces.

Commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction

This case not only addresses a specific production challenge but also highlights our general commitment to innovation, problem-solving and ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency of our customers production processes.

We welcome your challenges related to antistatic varnish applications.

For further information, documentation, or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us.

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