Resino Inks Achieves FSSC 22000 Certification and commitsto the highest standard of Food Safety

Resino Inks is proud to announce our recent certification under the FSSC 22000 standard. This significant achievement highlights our dedication to the highest levels of food safety, allowing us to expand our reach and meet the evolving demands of global markets.

Enhancing Food Safety Amid Regulatory Changes

Our FSSC 22000 certification demonstrates Resino Inks’ ability to adapt to regulatory changes and maintain excellence in food safety. This certification rewards our team’s hard work and commitment to delivering safe, high-quality products.


While we had already implemented ISO 22000 procedures, achieving FSSC 22000 required us to update and refine some of our internal compliance processes, guidelines and procedures, including for example, new product design, our internal procedures for risk analysis and flow charts concerning solvent, water, and UV-based products, for both direct and indirect contact. Additionally, we have inaugurated a new dedicated production room for Direct food contact coatings. A key focus has been on strengthening our food safety culture.

“We are proud to have achieved FSSC 22000 certification. It demonstrates our commitment to ensuring food safety and quality. This means that our customers can trust that we deliver products of the highest standard. We continue to work hard to ensure that our products meet the strictest requirements, and we look forward to sharing this success with our customers.”

Signe Cederstrøm

Rigorous Audits and Continuous Improvement

The unannounced audits required by FSSC 22000 have increased internal awareness and ensured that we consistently follow our food safety practices. This process began two years ago and involved top management alignment, monitoring rounds, and presentations on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We have developed and implemented new standard procedures, provided extensive training, and fostered new ways of collaborating. The continuous involvement and support of our management team has been crucial, as has the re-launching of our Food Safety Team (HACCP team).

Ongoing Commitment to Safety Standards

Our commitment to strict food safety standards is evident through several key initiatives:

  • Staying updated on local and international regulations.
  • Participating in industry networking and discussion meetings.
  • Membership in networks focusing on hygiene, health, and product safety, such as Dansk Industri and EUPIA-PIFOOD.
  • Collaborating closely with our certification body to maintain ISO certifications.
  • Conducting yearly internal audits to address challenges and prepare for external audits.
  • Vigilance in handling claims and monitoring KPIs to ensure operational safety.
  • Agile adaptation to ISO standards, regulations, and customer requirements.

Ensuring the Highest Standards

We encourage customers to critically assess the food contact materials from their suppliers. At Resino Inks, we ensure our products meet the highest standards through close collaboration with our customers, external partners e.g. analytical institutes and strict adherence to food safety regulations.

A Company Dedicated to Food Safety

Our customers can trust that our printing inks are produced under stringent food safety standards, with a systematic approach to risk analysis and hazard control throughout the supply chain. Resino Inks is committed to maintaining these high standards, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

For more information about our commitment to food safety, visit Resino Inks

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