This year is very special to Resino because we are celebrating 3x 25 year-anniversaries. For 25 years, Jesper, Dorthe and Gert have been a part of Resino’s team.

Hard work and loyalty are gifts not every company can possess. Jesper, Dorthe and Gert have contributed with professionalism, passion and dedication for 25 years, which Resino highly appreciates.

Jesper shares his thoughts on Resino’s workplace: “I have been here for 25 years because I highly value the workplace. Resino is a family-owned company with a flat hierarchy where there is short distance from floor to top management. I have friendships and there is a strong feeling of solidarity in the company, which is important to me.”

These 25 years in Resino have been like a marriage – there are ups and downs but I am happy to work here and I am delighted to have fantastic colleagues,” Dorthe comments.

Also, Gert cherishes the workplace: “I appreciate to have such great colleagues who make my everyday life valuable at Resino.”

A big thank you to Jesper, Dorthe and Gert for being a part of Resino’s success. Keep up the good work and here is to many years to come!

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