Resino is a part of a new Plastic Recycling Project developing over the next three years.

The purpose of the Plastic Recycling Project is to create mono plastic solutions for food packaging. Leading this project are the Danish Technological Institute and ten other companies, including Resino.

“The problem is that a lot of different types of plastic are mixed when producing food packaging. When we buy a pack of sausages at the grocery store, at typical package consists of several different types of materials – the covering, the label, the glue and the inner layers. That makes it very difficult to recycle. It would be better if materials in use are more uniform. This project is established to manufacture circular mono plastic packaging,” the Senior Consultant at Resino, Finn Cederstrøm, explains.

Improved packaging performance

One of the challenges in the Plastic Recycling Project will be on how to produce packaging with improved recyclability.

“Today we produce laminates of different layers in order to obtain a protective gas barrier and welding capacity. It is our aim to investigate on how we can produce packaging of only one type of plastic with improved packaging performance in order to reduce food losses and upgrade recyclability at the same time,” Senior Specialist at the Danish Technological Institute and leader of the project, Søren Rahbek Østergaard, states.

He explains that Resino’s contribution to this project will be to produce inks to the future circular mono plastic packaging: 

”The project has eleven partners from different industries in the food packaging supply chain. Resino have a very special role. They are to develop printing inks for improved welding performance in existing packaging machines. We don’t wish to provide new and expensive solutions.” 

“Our deep focus in this project is to create circular mono plastic solutions that for sure will be suitable in real life. It is very important that the packaging industry will be able to use the coming solutions without new machines. Also, it is important that the solutions are better that than the current ones,” Østergaard says.

Forefront in the food packaging industry

Resino aims to maintain its position as one of world’s leading printing ink suppliers in the food packaging industry. That is why constant development is important. 

“This project is a part of our strategic development process. We want to be the world’s leading supplier of printing ink for food packaging. Already our focus is to produce inks made of raw materials that are easier to recycle. The recycling project suits us very well, since we are already focusing on development of new recycling solutions,” said Finn Cederstrøm. 

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