The goal is to minimize the environmental impact

Resino is constantly aiming to improve the business’ environmental performance by focusing on green energy, improving systems, sending packaging for recycling and sorting chemicals.

During the past years, sustainable solutions and reducing the environmental impact have been on the global agenda. Resino wants to support this development by implementing procedures and goals that help us taking more environmental responsibility.


Environmental certification: ISO 14001

In 2015, Resino decided to become ISO 14001 certified. The ISO 14001 certification is the international standard relating to environmental management systems. The certification means that we constantly monitor our impact on the environment and aim to improve our environmental performance. Read more about the ISO 14001 certification here.

We are audited every year, and every third year we are re-certified by FORCE Certification.

Link to certificate.



Reduced environmental impact by using green energy at head office and production

Back in 2012, Resino’s CO2 in-house emissions were 40.77 kg/ton produced. Our biggest change on our environmental impact happened when we decided to use green wind turbine power (RECS certified) as energy source in 2018 at our head office and production in Ballerup, Denmark.


Reduced CO2 emissions
Since then, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by almost 82% at our location in Ballerup. By using green energy, our in-house CO2 emissions are reduced from 28.29 kg/ton (2018) to 5.21 kg/ton produced in 2021.


LED lightening
We have also focused on replacing light sources with LED lightening in our production and office. These are more energy efficient since LED lightening has a lower impact on the environment and has a better durability compared to traditional lightening.

Improved production systems reduces the environmental impact

Compressed air system
We have lowered the pressure in our compressed air system which is used for several processes in the production.

At Resino, the pressure was previously at 8 bar and now it is decreased to being at 6-7 bar. In this way, we will decrease our energy use and minimize our environmental impact.


Cooling water system
We have also made improvements regarding our cooling water system. In the winter, we use the cool air instead of a machine to cool it down.

We want to use renewable energy as much as possible to contribute to environmental improvements.


Ventilation system
We have also optimized our ventilation system. Instead of running on maximum power, it is regulated by the pressure. Therefore, the ventilation system is only running when it is needed.

As result, we only spend half of the amount of energy in relation to our ventilation system.


Recycling packaging

Another important initiative regarding the environmental impact is the focus on recycling materials in-house.

We receive lots of raw material packaging, both made of paper, board, plastic, and aluminum. We make sure that the materials are sent for recycling to contribute to the recycling economy.

We measure the amounts of packaging in relation to the quantities produced. If more products are produced there is naturally more packaging from the materials. It is crucial to measure this to ensure that all packaging is going to be recycled.


Sorting chemicals

According to the regulations, chemicals shall be handled properly. Therefore, it is very important to us that we sort the wasted chemicals correctly to improve the environmental impact.

We send the chemical waste from the production to Fortum Waste who manage the used chemicals and recycle as much as possible.

In this way, we also aim to protect the environment around the production against these chemicals.


What is the next step?

Now we are in control of our own scope, and we move the focus towards the external activities of our supply chain.

We are in the process of formulating a code of conduct putting further demands on our suppliers. We want to collaborate with suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified as well and hereby focus on improving environmental performances in addition to providing proper working conditions for its employees.


Resino’s warehouse

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