Inks from Resino qualifies for the ECO PASSPORT

A list of inks from Resino has been granted the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification for textile chemicals.

At Resino Inks, we always prioritize consumer safety.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that a list of inks from Resino has been granted the ECO PASSPORT OEKO-TEX® certification for textile chemicals. These inks are for printing on non-woven hygiene products, including diapers, sanitary towels, and tampons.



ECO PASSPORT: Proof of sustainability

The ECO PASSPORT ensures that every ingredient in these inks meets the statutory requirements of the ECO PASSPORT.

This means that the inks are safe for human and environmental health and can be used for ecologically responsible textile production.

These inks, including the inks’ pigments, meet the high demands set by the brand owners. This involves demands related to adhesion as well as the environment, health, and purity which can be validated through the ECO PASSPORT.

Our label number is: 2176-325E.

Inks for non-woven hygiene products


1K & 2K inks for non-woven hygiene products

Resino Inks is deeply involved in the market for non-woven hygiene products.

To serve this market, Resino offers a one- and two-component ink series that fulfill the requirements to obtain the ECO Passport.

We offer solvent-based inks for flexo and gravure printing. The fully cured print achieves very high resistance properties, including heat, frost, oil, grease, and urine resistances.

Our ambition is to develop a water-based ink series for non-woven hygiene products which we are working on.

Inks for sanitary towels


Where can I contact Resino Inks?

We ship our inks and other products worldwide, and we have local sales and technical support personnel to serve you anywhere.

We welcome your challenges at

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