Quality, food safety and product development are key drivers in the substantial adjustments recently implemented in the organisation at Resino Inks. The adjustments ensure that the company continues to forefront the development of inks within the food industry.

Resino Inks aim to remain the best ink series supplier in the food industry. Higher demands from authorities and clients therefore requires major and historical changes within the organisation.      

“The colour and food industries are constantly evolving. Authorities, clients and consumers worldwide keep making demands of higher quality and better food safety. We must forefront this development and we trust the development to continue. At Resino, we have always met market and regulatory requirements, but onwards we must guarantee the demands even before they have been formulated.

Our new organisation will be better prepared to meet future demands,” Signe Cederstrøm, future CEO at Resino, states

Laboratory divided into two departments

The laboratory is the heart of the new organisational structure at Resino, producer of a wide range of inks for food and packaging worldwide.

Previously, the laboratory was one department, but as from 1st, September 2019 it has been divided into a Quality department and a Development department.

Now the two departments can work specialized: The Quality department monitors and ensures the quality of inks produced and new inks before being put into production at Resino. The Development department has room for a new way of thinking, experimenting and developing Resino’s new products for a changing world market.

In addition, both departments must contribute to automatization of the production at Resino in order to fully utilize the facilities and man-hours:

“Today, we start producing inks when receiving an order. In the future, we will have semi-manufactured products on the shelves. We will then need to only make the last specialization in producing the client’s ink when receiving new orders. In this manner we avoid periods of severe peak times and periods not utilizing our full capacity,” Signe Cederstrøm states, adding that automated production will benefit both clients and employees.

Project model to secure new products

Heading the two new departments are Head of Quality Department, Flemming Kjellberg and Head of Research and Development Department, Kristian Karlsen.

Flemming Kjellberg has more than 20 years of experience in quality improvement and installation of production plants. Kristian Karlsen, who graduated as a Chemical Engineer seven years ago, is full of good ideas for future product development.

“There is no doubt that future clients will tend to make higher demands in food safety, consumer safety and convenience. We have the responsibility to take this into account during the development of the future inks for the food industry,” Kristian Karlsen says.

He stated that his first step as a Laboratory Manager will be to introduce a project model that ensures as many projects as possible to be completed without getting into difficulties along the way.

“We need to introduce a new way of managing projects. In addition, we must prioritize the correct projects to focus on,” Kristian Karlsen explained.

Resino is quality all the way

Flemming Kjellberg explained that increasing demands on the products is one of the focal points in the new Quality Department. In the first place, the department focuses on the raw materials that Resino buys from foreign suppliers:

“In the future, we will control and evaluate our raw materials and raw material suppliers even more carefully. Several of our raw materials, among binders and dyes, are blended products. We need to control and be able to specify indeed what the blended products contain. Therefore, we will be relating to these types of details,” the Quality Manager states.

By assistance of the Internet and external teaching and critical reviews of the production procedures, his ambition is to further develop the special quality culture that must characterize the entire production at Resino.

“It is not just about producing at a faster rate. First and foremost, the products must have a high quality. Resino is known for quality and I wish to create a culture whereby we continue to prioritize quality in everything we do. Although the demands and diversity of our productions are increasing,” Flemming Kjellberg says.

Resino's inks lead the future

Signe Cederstrøm followed up. She is convinced that the new organisational structure will help equip Resino for the future.

“We have put together a really good team. Flemming and Kristian complement each other really well and they both wish to help develop the company in the right direction,” Signe Cederstrøm explains.

She added that Resino performs well and the recent organisational structure has been implemented based on a profitable business:

“Now is the right time for us to make decisions and prepare Resino for the future. We want to make leading decisions and ensure Resino are in the forefront among suppliers of inks for food and packaging worldwide,” Signe Cederstrøm says.

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