Engagement that lasts

At Resino, it is important to us that everyone can speak up their mind. We want each employee to experience their individual involvement and engagement towards our common goal; to be the preferred partner for our customers with innovative and high-quality printing inks and varnishes.

We trust that these aspects also influence why people tend to stay in Resino for many years. Hopefully, these qualities will continue to characterize the organization for years to come.

With a long history

We are proud to share our remarkable journey of achievements and milestones since our inception in 1982.
With a commitment to innovation, tailored customer solutions and printing ink excellence, we have evolved and expanded through the years, setting new industry standards.

“I am proud of the work environment and the camaraderie that we have managed to create out here. It is one of the wonderful aspects of having been at the forefront of it all”

Finn Cederstrøm, Founder

Strategy: NEXT25

Innovation, Productivity, Sustainability & Compliance, Customers & Suppliers and People

Through the five focus areas of the strategy, we want to challenge ourselves even further and embrace new ways of working and thinking to become the preferred partner of innovative, sustainable, and high-quality printing inks.


We are responsible: Keeping promises to customers and diligently documenting them is our practice. If we agree on something, we do it too.

We are thorough: We are happy to go the extra mile for the customer to examine raw materials, products, etc. and what else is required. We have partnered with major global research institutes to substantiate the credibility of our products.

We are innovative: Balancing administration and innovative parts of the company is crucial for us. We maintain necessary administrative functions without compromising our innovative core, as the two are not mutually exclusive.

We are collaborative: The best solutions are found when we work together. Both internally and externally with our customers and other business partners. We make a virtue of solving problems for our customers, and it is also often there that we get our raison d’être. 

The team!

Introducing the Resino Inks Team, your creative partner in the world of vibrant colors! With our cutting-edge ink solutions, we offer a diverse range of high-quality inks for manufacturers and creators. Our exceptional customer service ensures unmatched performance and stunning results.

Join us on the colorful journey today!


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