Sustainability drive: pioneering a greener tomorrow

During the past years, there has been an increased focus on the environment and on how industries in general tackle the whole sustainability issue. Sustainability and environmental aspects have always been a part of Resinos profile due to core values such as compliance and high food safety.

We want to be at the forefront of the increasing demands from customers and other stakeholders for sustainable reporting and join the ambition of a more sustainable future.

At Resino, we take responsibility for the environment and support the green transition through several initiatives.

We have participated in the program “Climate Fit Manufacturing Company” to gain more insight into how we can reduce our COand other emissions, and to finally establish the basis for a general action plan.

“Some might think that the chemical industry is far from sustainable, but we aim to be front runners with sustainable solutions within the industry. We want to show the world that it is possible to reduce our raw material consumption, waste and CO2 emissions when producing advanced food packing – hopefully we can help spread the climate message and pave the way for other similar companies.”

Signe Cederstrøm

Sustainability initiatives in action

Internally, we have started to sort our waste and reduce our energy consumption. We now have charging stations located at Metalbuen, and we will soon switch to district heating, etc.

We are also continuously focusing our attention to ways of integrating renewable resources and biodegradability in future product development.

Environmental certifications

Resino has had the ISO 14001 certification since 2015. The ISO 14001 certification is the international standard relating to environmental management systems. The certification means that we constantly monitor our impact on the environment and aim to improve our environmental performance. Read more about the ISO 14001 certification here.

We are audited every year, and every third year we are re-certified by FORCE Certification.

Reduced environmental impact by using green energy at head office and production.
Back in 2012, Resino’s CO2 in-house emissions were 40.77 kg/ton produced. Our biggest change on our environmental impact happened when we decided to use green wind turbine power (RECS certified) as energy source in 2018 at our head office and production in Ballerup, Denmark.

Reduced CO2 emissions

LED lightening

We have also focused on replacing light sources with LED lightening in our production and office. These are more energy efficient since LED lightening has a lower impact on the environment and has a better durability compared to traditional lightening.

Compressed air system

We have lowered the pressure in our compressed air system which is used for several processes in the production.

At Resino, the pressure was previously at 8 bar and now it is decreased to being at 6-7 bar. In this way, we will decrease our energy use and minimize our environmental impact.

Cooling water system

We have also made improvements regarding our cooling water system. In the winter, we use the cool air instead of a machine to cool it down.

We want to use renewable energy as much as possible to contribute to environmental improvements.

Ventilation system

We have also optimized our ventilation system. Instead of running on maximum power, it is regulated by the pressure. Therefore, the ventilation system is only running when it is needed.

As result, we only spend half of the amount of energy in relation to our ventilation system.

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