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Quality and consumer safety are at the heart of Resino’s DNA. We want to increase consumer safety, which is why several of our ink series are approved for direct food contact and certified for kosher, halal etc. All quality controls are in accordance with established procedures, test methods and quality controls that take place in our own laboratories.

Resino has well-developed test programs for determining the fastness and stability of inks. We are currently working with different tests that range from lightfastness, scratch resistance, heat-resistance and migration to customer specific tests.

As a customer of Resino Inks, you experience the following from our Quality department:

Quality control of our product

Quality control of incoming selected raw materials

Traceability of all our product at raw material level

Complaint processing

Resino is ISO 9001 certified assuring customers that Resino delivers the same high product quality every time.

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