Innovation drive

We believe that innovation is the key to a strong and competitive business in the long term, and crucial for the development of tailor-made solutions. Therefore, it is important for us to be up to date with the latest technology.

We are continuously working to develop our product range. These include especially the so-called ‘low migration’ products, where we are also market leaders, and which come into direct contact with food and close contact with people.

We have ongoing innovation projects in close cooperation with customers, who provide valuable input on their customers’ needs and as a result, we can assure developments fit exactly to the market demands.

Currently, we are particularly focused on areas within inkjet and UV LED curing inks for meat casings and food packaging with special requirements and waterbased, direct food contact materials.

Our approach is always purpose driven and we always consider below aspects:

Innovative technology and application

We put our mind to developing innovative technology and the use of inks in food contact. (e.g new methods of printing, such as digital printing or other advanced technologies, as well as the development of colors suitable for different types of packaging materials

Performance and quality optimization

We focus on improving the performance and quality of inks in relation to food contact. (E.g colors that have improved adhesion, durability, resistance to moisture, heat, or other environmental conditions, and that provide process stable and durable printing results on various materials)

Safety and health

We focus on developing printing inks that are safe and have minimal risk of migration of harmful substances into the food. (E.g new materials, technologies, and processes to reduce or eliminate the risk of food contamination, both in relation to direct and indirect food contact)

Regulatory compliance

We pay attention to developing inks that comply with applicable regulatory and industrial food contact standards. (E.g. colors approved by relevant authorities that meet the necessary safety requirements and guidelines)

Sustainability and environmental considerations

We concentrate on developing printing inks that have less environmental impact and are more sustainable throughout their life cycle. (e.g colors based on renewable resources, free of harmful chemicals and easy to recycle or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way)

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