Food contact

A commitment to the  innovation of food safe printing inks

At Resino, we are very engaged in the market of printing inks exposed to direct food contact and providing safe and healthy printing inks for direct food contact is a part of our DNA. Resino offers inks that are suitable for direct and in-direct food contact and can be used for informative and/or decorative purposes. The development of printing inks for food contact is an important milestone for the company. In other words, Resino brings printing ink into the future by continuing to focus on innovative product development of direct food contact inks.

Moreover, with a focus on replacing plastic-coated paper and board Resino has developed food contact varnishes that offer similar protective functions as plastic, but in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Food packaging is subject to stringent regulations and standards, and rightfully so, given that packaging can come into direct or indirect food contact. Resino recognizes the significance of complying with high safety standards for food contact materials and ensures that the products consistently meet or exceed market demands. The printing inks provided by Resino for food packaging applications, both direct and indirect, comply with the regulations set by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Swiss ordinance, and the European Commission (EC).

As the industry shifts its focus from plastic to more sustainable alternatives like paper and board, known as “paperization,” challenges arise regarding the protection of food contact and contents in. Plastic has been a prefered choice for food contact due to its excellent barrier properties, preserving food freshness and extending shelf-life. Additionally, plastic coatings allow for safe printing on the outside of packaging materials. However, the need for sustainable food contact alternatives prompts the development of protective solutions that can replace plastic coatings.

REVALUX 164 and REVALUX 156: Natural varnishes suitable for direct food contact

At Resino we have developed two food contact varnishes, REVALUX 164 and REVALUX 156, as environmentally friendly substitutes for plastic coatings on disposable tableware and food packaging. These varnishes play a crucial role in our contribution to the circular economy and a more sustainable future. By working closely with customers, we have formulated varnishes based on acrylic binders, natural materials, and clean chemical materials that comply with regulations such as the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive.

Resino’s REVALUX 164 food contact varnishes, made from natural materials, are biodegradable and fully compliant with the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive. These varnishes offer a sustainable alternative to replace PE-coated or laminated paper and board in food packaging applications. They are specifically designed for direct food contact, providing the necessary protection while meeting regulatory requirements.

The REVALUX 156 food contact varnishes are based on clean chemical materials. While food contact varnishes comply with regulations for direct food contact, they do not meet the requirements of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive. These food contact varnishes offer a broader range of performance options and higher resistance properties. Food contact varnishes are suitable for replacing PE-coated or laminated paper and board and are designed for direct food contact, including heat-seal applications.

Resino offers a range of printing inks suitable for direct food contact printing on various materials. The REVALUX 156-3 series is a water-based printing ink varnish specifically developed for food applications on coated and uncoated cartons, papers, and packaging films. These food contact inks, based on clean chemical materials, comply with regulations for direct food contact. While food contact printing inks can meet traditional end-use resistance properties, the availability of color shades may be limited compared to conventional printing inks

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