Ensuring Safe Printing Inks for Food Packaging

As a supplier of printing inks  for food packaging and hygiene material printers, Resino is exposed to many different requirements for the printing inks and they must comply with same high safety standards.

Food packaging is one of the most regulated areas for ink and packaging manufacturers – and rightfully so. The packaging can come into direct and indirect food contact, which is why Resino strive to offer products that continuously meet or exceed the market demands.

Resino provide their customers with a safe line of regulatory compliant printing inks for  applications that involve both direct and indirect food contact, in compliance with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Swiss ordinance and the European Commission (EC).

Ensuring Harm-Free Direct Contact Products

We want to ensure that the products do not harm the end consumer neither directly nor indirectly, the components used in the production of Resino’s Direct Food Contact (DFC) products must comply with the conditions in our guidelines.

This guideline has been prepared in accordance with the current Food Safety Policy and to which this guideline belongs. The guideline must therefore always be consistent with the food safety policy.

Food Safety means, in our case, ensuring that the food contact materials do not cause a harmful effect on the health of the consumer, in accordance with the intended use of the finished direct food contact- product.

Resino as an ink producer has a shared and significant responsibility in ensuring Food Safety of Food Contact Materials – both at the supply chain and company level.

Committed to ISO and EuPIA Standards

At Resino Inks, we are fully dedicated to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our valued customers and stakeholders. We consistently strive to maintain a certified management system that aligns with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSSC 22000 standards, while also adhering to EuPIA ‘s (European Printing Ink Association) requirements and guidelines. 

Smiley certificate

At Resino, we also have the “Smiley-certificate”, a particular initiative from the Danish Authorities, which demonstrates how well Danish businesses that sell food, or are manufacturing food contact materials, comply with the local legislation’s requirements for food handling. The scheme makes it easy for consumers to identify the businesses that prioritize food safety.

Kosher & Halal

At Resino, we also proudly hold both halal and kosher certifications for several of our products. You can read which of our products thare are certified for halal and kosher here

The halal certification entails adhering to the precepts of Islamic law, which involves avoiding the use of forbidden substances and impure components in our products. This certification ensures that our offerings meet the requirements of halal standards.
Similarly, the kosher certification involves a meticulous process that examines the ingredients, production machinery, and overall adherence to kosher laws. By obtaining kosher certification, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the specific dietary needs of those who observe kosher dietary guidelines.

OK Compost Home

OK Compost Home & OK Compost Industrial certifications (REVALUX 164 Varnish 0115-05*)

The OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial certifications are internationally recognized standards for compostability. These certifications ensure that products and materials meet specific criteria for their ability to decompose in home composting systems (OK Compost Home) or industrial composting facilities (OK Compost Industrial). At Resino Inks, we have obtained the prestigious OK Compost Home & OK Compost Industrial certifications for REVALUX 164 Varnish 0115-05.

OK Compost Home

The OK Compost Home certification signifies that a product is suitable for composting in backyard or home composting systems. It guarantees that the product will break down into compost without leaving any harmful residues or negatively impacting the composting process. This certification is particularly relevant for items like food waste bags, packaging materials, and compostable utensils used in household composting setups.

OK Compost Industrial

On the other hand, the OK Compost Industrial certification is applicable to products that are intended for composting in large-scale industrial facilities. These facilities provide controlled environments with specific conditions for efficient decomposition. Products with this certification can be safely processed in these facilities, ensuring that they will not hinder the composting process or cause any adverse effects.

*A finished product made from an OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certified base or intermediate like Revalux 164 Varnish 0115-05 does not automatically comply with the requirements of the OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certification scheme. Due to the other unknown components that can be added to the finished product, this completed item needs to undergo OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certification in order to obtain permission to use the OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME label on this finished product.

Although we have already achieved notable certifications, our ambition is to further enhance our practices and prioritize the safety of our customers.

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