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At Resino inks, we specialize in a wide range of printing inks from packaging inks to unique, tailored printing inks and packaging inks for non-woven materials and meat casings.
The focus on expert research, advanced technology and carefully selected raw materials has led Resino to become a valued partner in printing inks for meat casings and UV curing products for flexo/gravure and industrial inkjet printing inks. Resino currently exports printing inks to five 5 continents and over 64 countries.

Resino offers two-component printing inks that are respectively water-based and solvent-based inks as well as UV curing printing inks, which have great adhesion, low migration risk and
boiling and sterilization resistance properties.

Resinos expertise in flexo, printing inks has paved the way for new opportunities. Resino has a dedicated R&D team (Research & Development), which has come up with specialized technologies that separate Resino from its competitors. Resino also ensures regulatory compliance, especially for printing inks used in meat casing and direct food contact. The company has an innovative approach to printing inks and works closely with the customers to ensure good results, particularly when special printing inks properties are required on complicated substrates. The multitude of substrates, many different printing presses utilized and different printing environments throughout the world makes it impossible to have one printing ink which fits all conditions and purposes. Resino takes pride in perseverent activity until our customer has a satisfactory solution.

At Resino, we experience that customers are demanding water-based printing inks to an increasing degree. This comes as no surprise since water-based printing inks offer several advantages. The increase of the environmental concerns draws attention to water-based printing inks, as these printing inks contribute to lowered emissions compared to solvent-based printing inks. From a safety perspective, there is no fire hazard with water-based printing inks which in the end reduces customers costs, as they can have for example cheaper printing press & equipment, cheaper building & installations, and reduced insurance costs. This also means that water-based printing inks do not require a special cleaner; only soap and water are needed.

At Resino, we want to offer all these benefits to our customers. Therefore, we deliver a wide
selection of water-based printing inks for many purposes, including products with direct and indirect food contact. We offer both one and two component solutions for surface printing.

The strengths of our printing inks include: 1) approved for direct food contact inks & coatings for paper
& board, 2) 1k water-based printing inks for printing on non-absorbent substrates (plastic & aluminum), 3)
2k heat, sterilization & chemical resistant water-based printing inks.

Our water-based printing inks are developed in close contact with printing companies and in some cases brand owners / end users. Close cooperation in all stages with the printers, assures a high degree of user friendliness during the printing process often adapted to the local climate or machine configurations. Involvement with the end user or brand owner assure alignment between printing ink properties and performance requirements for the final product.

As part of Resinos mission, we prioritize higher consumer safety beyond standard requirements
through our innovative printing ink solutions. Using our printing inks, our customers will always stay safe.
To assure credibility of our information, we work with independent institutes validating our compliance.

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