At Resino Inks we are are proud to share our remarkable journey of achievements and milestones


Looking into the future

Following the development and introduction from 2022 Resino announces the full launch of LED UV inks designed for polyamide casings and starts actively selling UV LED into the market. This achievement is a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of research and development, resulting in tailored solutions for customers.



Advancing technology and digitalization

In line with Resino’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge printing ink systems, the company made a significant investment in 2022 by acquiring its first fully automated mixing system for cationic UV inks. This strategic move reflects Resino’s commitment to technological advancements and signals a substantial stride in the company’s digitalization and automation initiatives.



A New Leadership

A generational transition took place in 2019 when Signe Cederstrøm, Finn’s daughter, assumed the role of CEO, continuing her father’s legacy and commitment to excellence. Signe especially focuses on modernizing and digitalizing the company to strengthen the global position even further.

Signe Cederstrøm



During this year, Resino achieved two prestigious certifications that had a profound impact on its operations and reputation: ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 reflecting the company’s strong commitment to environmental responsibility and food safety, setting a high standard for its operations. Over the years, Resino has managed to uphold these certifications, further solidifying its position as an industry-leader and trusted provider of products and services to its customers. Read more about the certifications here


Global Expansion

Resino’s global footprint expanded with the establishment of Resino Ink US, Inc., solidifying its presence in international markets. 

“Resino Inks US, Inc. supported our business expansion in the US. Having established warehousing in Laredo, near the Mexican border, we provided easier supplies to our customers in Mexico & Central America
Niels Nielsen, CCO at Resino Inks



A New Core Business

Resino expanded its horizons by establishing printing inks for non-woven hygiene products. This move marked the emergence of a new core business segment for the company. Within this sector, Resino collaborate closely with prominent brand owners, ensuring that the product series fully meet the ECO passport requirements. 
2010 was also the year where Resino obtained the very first ISO certification (ISO 9001) reflecting the company’s dedication and continuous effort to uphold the standards of quality. 

baby diaper website


Pioneering UV Inks

In the year 2000, Resino made a pivotal contribution to the printing industry by introducing UV inks to the market. This innovation not only enhanced Resino’s portfolio but also played a crucial role in advancing the entire printing ink market. Today, an important objective for the company is that eventually all future UV colors produced will be UV LED-curable. 

UV_LED_Purple_Web (2)


Shifting Focus

Resino made a strategic shift, redirecting its focus from toluene-based publication gravure printing inks to exclusive production of printing inks tailored for niche applications within the food industry. This decision paved the way for significant growth and for the development of printing inks for food contact which today is an essential part of Resinos DNA.



A New Beginning

In 1982, Resino Inks was founded when Finn Cederstrøm acquired the company at an auction in the industrial district of Ballerup. It marked the inception of a legacy built on dedication and vision. Resino commenced its journey by producing toluenebased publication gravure printing inks inks and soon diversified its product range to include water and solvent printing inks. 

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