REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 

REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 is a concentrated alkaline cleaning fluid for manual cleansing of Anilox, printing plates, rubberblankets, rollers and cylinders as well as vessels and other machine parts with dried waterbased ink
REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 is used as 10 – 50% solution.

Beside being an effective ink cleaner REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 is also perfekt for removing grease, oil and other oily products. The product will leave a degreased surface.

Manuel cleaning:
It is recommended to use a hard brush to clean the clichés. 
After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. Leftovers from the cleaning fluid should not come into contact with usefull ink, it may cause problems with foam. 

Automatic cleaning:
REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 can be used for automatic cleaning of tubes, pipes, pumps and chambers. If this product produces to much foam during automatic cleaning, we recommend REDIVERS® 300 Ultra wash 0125, which is treated with antifoam. After cleansing, rinse thoroughly with water.

REDIVERS® 300 Ultra clean 0111 may by prolonged exposure have a damaging effect on aluminum and paint/varnishes.

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