Resino Inks Achieves Milestone with OK Compost Home & OK Compost Industrial Certifications

After an extensive process that commenced in April 2022, we at Resino Inks obtained the prestigious OK Compost Home & OK Compost Industrial certifications for REVALUX 164 Varnish 0115-05

OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial certifications are internationally recognized standards for compostability. These certifications ensure that products and materials meet specific criteria for their ability to decompose in home composting systems (OK Compost Home) or industrial composting facilities (OK Compost Industrial).

OK Compost Home

The OK Compost Home certification signifies that a product is suitable for composting in backyard or home composting systems. It guarantees that the product will break down into compost without leaving any harmful residues or negatively impacting the composting process. This certification is particularly relevant for items like food waste bags, packaging materials, and compostable utensils used in household composting setups.


OK Compost Industrial

The OK Compost Industrial certification is applicable to products that are intended for composting in large-scale industrial facilities. These facilities provide controlled environments with specific conditions for efficient decomposition. Products with this certification can be safely processed in these facilities, ensuring that they will not hinder the composting process or cause any adverse effects


A responsible commitment

Both certifications involve rigorous testing and evaluation of the product Revalux 164 Varnish 0115-05*.   

REVALUX® 164-05 is a water based, SUPD (EU Single Use Plastics Directive) compliant varnish formulated as an alternative to PE laminated for paper and board.

It has been specifically created for coating and printing on materials intended for direct food contact.

Obtaining OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial certifications demonstrates our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, assuring our consumers that the certified products can be composted responsibly without causing any adverse effects or hindrances to the composting process.

We are proud to have achieved this milestone, which further solidifies our position as a valued partner in innovative printing ink solutions. We remain dedicated to developing innovative, responsible solutions for our customers.

*A finished product made from an OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certified base or intermediate like Revalux 164 Varnish 0115-05 does not automatically comply with the requirements of the OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certification scheme. Due to the other unknown components that can be added to the finished product, this completed item needs to undergo OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME certification in order to obtain permission to use the OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME label on this finished product.

About TÜV Austria

The OK Compost certification is administered by TÜV Austria Belgium, an independent third-party certification body. The TÜV SÜD Group operates in over fifty countries and has a well-established reputation for both expertise and reliability in the field of testing and certification. The certification involves extensive laboratory testing and evaluations of a material or product’s biodegradability, as well as an assessment of any negative impacts the product may have on compost quality and the environment.


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