How can we move towards sustainability to develop and grow the business? Our CEO Signe Cederstrøm was invited to the yearly SMV Dagen (SMV Day) at the Federation of Danish Industry to speak about how strategic decisions are important to make sustainable growth: Innovation, quality and sustainability are keywords for the future at Resino.

Resino Inks holds a unique market share position of 80 percent for printing inks to the world’s sausage casings. However, innovation, quality and sustainability must strengthen this position.

In the coming years we need to be even more strict in the terms of sustainability in order to maintain our position as a preferred partner for our clients,” CEO at Resino Signe Cederstrøm states in an interview published on the Federation of Danish Industry’s website.

New technology reduces waste and material consumption

Over the past months Resino made crucial organizational changes by dividing the laboratory into two departments in order to strengthen both product development and quality control. However, development of new technologies is also important in order to meet requirements from clients and markets for whom sustainability counts.

We conducted a new strategy for Resino – turned the business model upside down, so to speak.

In the future we wish to produce printing inks by order. In this way we reduce waste by less ink exceeded dates,” Signe Cederstrøm states and adds:

Together with a trusted partner specialized in printers for our industry, we have developed a new inkjet machine that reduces material consumption and waste by enabling smaller printing series. The inkjet machine also prints sausage casings according to the clients’ requests. The new technology secures an automated and sustainable production. More steps will be taken to ensure on how our clients can work in the same way.

The development requires pioneer technologies and partnerships of whole new dimensions:

We are collaborating with a machine factory whom we have worked with for many years. In order to find out how to develop inkjet inks and see how different technologies work together, we have also worked closely with the machine factory’s clients. The process calls for partnerships as we have never seen the like of before at Resino,” Signe Cederstrøm says.

Late customization leads the way to a sustainable future

esino’s increased focus on waste and packing arises from megatrends in the general market.

“We are constantly aware of megatrends within demographics, living standards and the consumption market. In the past years we have seen how Coca Cola use late customization in their personalized bottle campaigns. At Resino we aim to introduce late customization into the food packaging industry. With the development of inkjet inks, it is possible to produce colourful food packaging by order,” Signe Cederstrøm explains.

Sustainable production is a part of the DNA

Even though the major organizational changes at Resino have been conducted to meet a more sustainable future, the company has always had a sustainable profile. 

Sustainability, compliance and high food safety standards have been our core values from the very beginning. Through the past years the general focus on the environmental issues has increased. We now need to focus even more on sustainability than before because we are operating in the chemical industry,” Signe Cederstrøm says. She continues:

People tend to believe that the chemical industry is far from sustainable, but we aim to be front runners with sustainable solutions within the industry. We want to show the world that it is possible to reduce our raw material consumption, waste and CO2 emissions when producing advanced food packing.

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