REVALUX® 156-3 series

The REVALUX 156-3 series is a water-based printing ink and varnish series specially developed to be used for foodstuff applications on coated and uncoated carton/paper as well as most packaging films. 

The varnishes were developed in order to meet the circular economy requirements and the demand to transition from plastic-coated cardboard to recyclable coated carton and paper in order to contribute to improve sustainability. The varnishes offer similar protective functions as plastic.  If interested read the DFC article here

The raw materials are selected in accordance with direct food contact regulatory compliance. The fully cured print can meet different demands, including direct food contact according to FDA§ 175.300, Food contact: Regulation (EC) 1935/2004. Good Manufacturing Practice: Regulation (EC) 2023/2006. Manufacturing follows good manufacturing practices according to EuPiA, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. Resino work with independent institutes accredited for food packing approvals, such as Fraunhofer, Eurofins and J.S.Hamilton. They act as a third party, investigating and validating Resino’s recipes for printing inks & varnishes, designed for print on food contact material.

These products can be used on carton, paper plates, cups and many other materials intended for direct contact with food.
The inks can meet traditional end use resistance properties; however, the performance of the products can vary depending on the substrate on which they are applied. 
For this reason, we have developed different varnishes with different properties so that we can meet the relevant needs such as protective varnishes, heat-resistant varnishes, heat seal varnishes etc See properties here

The inks can meet traditional end use resistance properties, however, the pigments suitable for these applications results have limited color shade availability.

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