At Resino Inks, the dedication lies within the development of custom-made varnish solutions in collaboration with customers, ensuring superior quality and performance. This dedication underscores our commitment to promoting environmentally conscious solutions within food contact materials, especially in PE-coated paper and cardboard, which are constrained due to their categorization as plastic.

In response to this challenge, a series of functional varnish solutions has been developed, here among the REVALUX® 164 0115-05 varnish. Notably, this varnish is well-suited for direct food contact, positioning it as a versatile and preferred option in the market.

REVALUX 164 Varnish 0115-05 over traditional plastic coatings

Unlike conventional options, the REVALUX® 164 varnish (0115-05) is water-based and formulated with precision to comply with a comprehensive list of European and US food contact regulations, making it eminently suitable for the global market.

Not only does the REVALUX® 164 varnish 0115-05 contain natural ingredients and comply with direct food contact safety standards and SUPD (Single Use Plastic Directive). It also performs to meet unique conditions and offers a protective layer that meets and exceeds safety standards, ensuring the quality and safety of packaged contents.

As illustrated the varnish shows outstanding performance during a rubbing test with sunflower oil on an offset printed paper plate with the REVALUX® 164 0115-05 flexo varnish on top. This serves as a compelling testament to the real-life grease resistance capabilities of the varnish.

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We invite and welcome your challenges related to direct food contact varnishes for foodstuff applications. For further information, documentation, or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us.

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