Advantages of LED UV printing ink systems

One of the key advantages of LED UV printing ink systems is that they are greener and more environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional lamps, LED UV lamps are mercury-free, and eliminating mercury from the printing process reduces emissions to air, land, and water, as well as the impact on people’s health. Traditional lamps also emit ozone, while LED UV lamps do not emit ozone, thus improving the air quality and the working environment as well as contributing to minimizing the environmental impact and protecting people’s health.

RESUCAT 210-29 Series: Innovative UV LED printing

The low odor LED UV curing ink, RESUCAT 210-29 series, is an LED UV optimized version of their RESUCAT UV flexo inks.

The UN established the Minamata Convention on Mercury, a global treaty aimed at phasing out mercury to protect people and the environment from its harmful effects. The convention phases out and reduces the use of mercury in several products and processes, including traditional UV lamps, which are made of mercury. Using LED UV systems, which are free of mercury, is an effective way for companies to comply with the treaty.

Another advantage of LED UV systems is that they reduce energy consumption. With LED UV lamps, the outside segments can be turned off to cure a smaller area, optimizing energy consumption and reducing the company’s energy costs.

Cost-Effective, energy efficient and high-performing

LED UV systems provide a low odor printing environment due to the absence of ozone emission. Ozone emitted by traditional lamps not only contributes to unpleasant chemical odors but can also pose health risks. By opting for LED UV systems, printers can create a safer and more pleasant working environment for their operators.

LED UV lamps provide a high-intensity peak at a narrow wavelength, ensuring better curing performance. In contrast, mercury arc lamps often exhibit poor uniformity, especially at the edges. The concentrated and precise wavelength of UV LED lamps delivers consistent curing results, leading to improved print quality and stability.

LED UV systems are also cheaper in the long run.  LED UV printing ink systems offer higher press speed, allowing printers to increase productivity and save time. The lifetime of LED UV lamps is more than 20,000-60,000 hours, and they require less maintenance than traditional lamps, which have shutters and reflectors that require attention and maintenance to assure performance and consistency.

In conclusion, Resino’s LED UV optimized printing ink, RESUCAT 210-29 series, offers several advantages, including environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. LED UV systems are the future for companies looking to comply with the Minamata Convention on Mercury, reduce their environmental impact, and save money.

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