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When entering a supermarket, the packaging on products often catches the eye with its printed designs. Our specialization lies in providing top-notch printing solutions for various packaging materials, including paper, board, film, and foil.

We offer a diverse range of printing inks—solvent-based, water-based and UV curing, all meticulously formulated to meet stringent regulatory and safety standards. This ensures not only exceptional print quality but also compliance with industry guidelines, providing the best solutions for both the manufacturer and end user.

Indirect food contact

Maintain gloss and adhesion after processing

Shrink & stretch

Natural ingredients

Low migration

Food safe packaging

Individual solutions

Tailored ink solutions in partnership with customers

Global technical support

Anywhere - anytime


Ready for future environmental and food safety requirements


Resino enables high quality fine print decoration on all types of shrink & stretch films & bags which can for example be used for cheese packaging, meat casings and other food packaging exposed to direct/in-direct food contact. 

We know which qualities inks should possess to give you the best experience. Our inks have great qualities such as excellent heatseal resistance, good shrink & stretch performance, great adhesion and low migration. 

An exceptional appearance of the printing inks also applies, including high gloss and color strength even after shrinkage of shrink films and bags.

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